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hi i am Sarah, i am a work at home mom of one toddler boy. I plan on homeschooling him once we get  to that point.I enjoy sewing, crochet, gardening,reading, and camping. 

“Life isnt about learning how to weather the storm. its about learning how to dance in the rain.” via Monica Fish

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Welcome, Sarah!  I'm Jen, mom of 2.  How long have you been crocheting?  I just learned not too long ago.  I find it to be pretty relaxing.

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Welcome to the board!  I'm Rhae, SAHM to three boys.  I love gardening, too.  :)  What's your favourite plant in your garden?

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Hello everyone, 

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HI Sarah,

I am also a SAHM.  We have 2 children.  Our son is 8 and our daughter is 4.

Just wanted to say hi and welcome Smile