This new bd is RETARDED (m)

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This new bd is RETARDED (m)
Sat, 04-05-2003 - 11:25am
the post I just did "MOM............" I previewed...wanted to change a few wds in the last I hit edit...made the changes, then previewed, liked it then clicked on post and it gave me the same message it's done alot....your message is not complete...blah, blah, was complete...the bd for some reason doesn't see it as so....I hit edit...there it is ALL there...hmmmmm, I hit preview again, then it gives me a list of several things missing....recipient, message, blah blah blah...when I hit edit they again are title, the emotion icon, the message, EVERYTHING. I copy the message to go back to the main page and start all over again...when to my post IS there!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrr

I soooooooooooo want our OLD bd back, it was soooooooooo much better

We could post so much faster, read other posts and the replies soooooo much faster

Not only does it take longer to post, read messages and read the replies BUT the bd does not work properly!!!!!!!!!!!!! wasting alot of time, when some of us like ME do not have much time to be on the bd as it is!!!!!!!!!!!


CL's!!!!!!!! Can you try to see if the managers of this bd can do anything about this???

thanks so much


(who is going to go do something to calm down eat some chocolate!!! grin, or maybe do some replacement table pedeler just came today!!! woohoo...hope this one doesn't break, and I can use it more than just twice!!!)