New to being a SAHM

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New to being a SAHM
Sun, 03-25-2012 - 10:40am


I just joined looking for other stay at home moms to talk to. I've been a SAHM for over a year now to help my husband take care of my two step sons who will soon be 6 and 7. I felt I was really missing out on family time because I had to commute 2hr to work each way and over a pass so my days were 12 to 14+ hours long. I've been in their dad since they were 2 and 3.

For the most part I enjoy being at home. I can spend more time with the boys and I get to go to all of their school functions with them. I get to take them to their basketball and soccer games and its been really nice. I'm slowly but surely getting my house, yard and garage in order.

I just have one question (at this time anyway):
How much do your husbands help out around the house and yard?

I look forward to getting to know more SAHMs. :)
Thank you,

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Sun, 03-25-2012 - 6:50pm
hi rachael....i am melinda i have stayed home for about 6 years now. i have one son and one daughter....i look forward to getting to know you. Welcome to the board! My husbands helping has varied over the years from hardly the more help in the past 16 months with all the moving we have done and having our daughter etc.

he has pretty much always cut the grass or someone else has done it for us. i havent been very organized in years had trouble with that but am finally applying the advice i have been was alot for me to adjust to at times....but i enjoy it now and we are also in our second year homeschooling. have a great day!
Melinda (loving Jimmy for fourteen years, a mom to one angel Austin (02/05/03) and Jake (6) as well as Alora (1) if i could just figure out how to add a picture)
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Mon, 03-26-2012 - 9:13am

Hi, Rachael.

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Hi, Rachael!

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Welcome Rachael! I'm Kim, I have 4 boys ranging from almost 10 to 2 1/2. I've been a SAHM for 7 years. That is great you are getting to spend more time with the boys and their activities. 12-14 hour days are just too much time away from home!

DH does very little around the house, he mows and that is about it. OK, he does his laundry but that is because he doesn't want to use my hamper system. He'll help where I ask but he won't do anything else on his own.