Pregnancy announcement?

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Pregnancy announcement?
Mon, 08-29-2011 - 4:16pm

I didn't catch the VMAs this

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Tue, 08-30-2011 - 11:09am
We did different things with different people. We told my mom first. I put out her cigarette and told her she couldn't smoke around a pregnant lady. Once she got over the shock of me putting out her cig, she was pretty excited. For my sister in law (also my BFF), I wrote "knocked up" on a white tank top and wore it around until she noticed. Took like 10 minutes. Wasn't as cool as it would have been if she'd paid more attention!

Manda :)

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Tue, 08-30-2011 - 12:39pm

We didn't really announce it any of the times -- just let it come out.