Ready to smack some kids at the park today.

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Ready to smack some kids at the park today.
Tue, 06-14-2011 - 7:16pm

And maybe their mothers, too.

The boys and I go to a drop-in program several times a week and DS1 loves to play on the playground afterward.

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Tue, 06-14-2011 - 7:58pm

Here's what I do,.

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Thu, 06-16-2011 - 8:15am
That is horrible! I don't see how parents can stand by with that type of behavior. I'm not confrontational so I probably would have a loud (enough for the other parents to hear) conversation with my child about how that wasn't appropriate behavior and that we would have to leave. Sucks, but I just don't want my kids around other kids behaving that way.
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Mon, 06-20-2011 - 10:42am
That's horrible. I hate it when parents just stand by and let their children be terrors. DS has been taking tae kwon do lessons, so he does know how to defend himself if he has to. I've told him before that if someone isn't playing nice, it's best to walk away. I've also told him that if someone is hurting him, it's OK for him to defend himself.
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Wed, 06-22-2011 - 6:54pm
Sounds like their mothers need a spanking! I agree with the poster who said she would explain to her child in a voice loud enough for the other moms to hear, that it is not ok to treat someone else like that. I don't like confrontation either. DH and I have discussed this and even though DS is only 8 months, we already worry about how he will handle such things. Our agreement is that we will teach him strategies to get away from bullies, to try to get an adult's help, etc, but if someone does actually hit him, he is NOT to put up with it. He is NOT to hit, kick, etc, but if someone does it to him first, he should defend himself. DH was taught NEVER to fight at school and had an incident where he was beat up by a bully because he thought he would get in trouble if he fought back. Even the principal asked why he didn't do anything. :( He was humiliated and it's kind of a sore subject even now. So we don't want our son to be in the same predicament.

Manda :)