saturday morning peace PLEASE!

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saturday morning peace PLEASE!
Sat, 05-15-2010 - 10:11am

How do you ladies handle this....?

It's saturday morning and although i'm not in a BAD mood my hyper 5 year old is getting on my LAST nerve. As soon as he wakes up he talks a mile a minute and it makes me CRAZZZZZZZZYYYYYYY!!!!

He was complaining because he didn't get the same cereal as his little sister because we were out of it and his favorite was the kind I gave him anyway! He just wants to talk talk talk my ear off and it takes everything I have to not be just outright mean. I'm not a mean person or a mean mom but DANGIT I need peace and time to wake up or else i'm in a bad mood.

He has gotten to this age where he just talks talks talks about everything and nothing all at the same time.... explaining in great detail what happened in his video game for instance.... omg I need ear plugs.

Am I a mean mom or is it okay to get frustrated by the end of the week when being woken up to tons of talking, asking, and complaining in your ears!?!

Okay... phew... now that my complaining is over What do ya'll have going on this weekend??

Today I am going to clean, do laundry, spend time with my DH before he has to go to work and then we are going to get my phone fixed and go to a nice Mall that DH won me a gift card for :) I'm getting a dress for our mini vacation next weekend and probably some make up.

tomorrow my DH will be leaving early in the morning on his guys River Trip... they are going Whitewater rafting for 5 days so it's just me holding down the fort. I'm really not looking forward to it too much! I'm gonna miss my hubby. Not only do I LOVE him but he is really great about coming home and getting things under control with the kids if I need it and picking up the house quickly which helps so much! More than anything I will miss cuddling with him at night.... hes my best bud and a great cuddler!!

On the other hand i'm so happy he is going because he really deserves it!! It will be so good for him to get away with no responsibility for a little while, let lose, and have fun!!

I could use that too but I won't rub that in YET... hehe. I'll wait until after when I plan my girls trip or just simply a trip to the beach for the two of us.

Hope ya'll are having a great weekend!!


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Sat, 05-15-2010 - 12:49pm

Darlin', I feel for ya!