What a gorgeous day! A bit windy,

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What a gorgeous day! A bit windy,
Tue, 04-01-2003 - 2:20pm
but soooo nice! We played outside after picking Hannah up from preschool til we came in for lunch & naptime. Seth's been sleeping most of the day- this is nice!

I'm waiting for the darn Culligan guy to come. Our water softener hasn't been working well & that makes our water taste & smell funny. (we have our own well) They're supposed to be here between 12 & 3 - like I have nothing better to do than sit & wait for them to come? I hope that we don't need a new water softener, but we probably do!

I'm sure that we'll be heading back out after naptime to play again. Greg has an eye Dr's appt to get his new contacts checked. He really likes them a lot (he got the soft disposable) & got his new glasses too.

Well, hope you're all enjoying your afternoon! I've got my windows open & it feels nice!



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Tue, 04-01-2003 - 2:33pm
Hi Jess! The weather sounds BEAUTIFUL!! I love the spring smell of your house when it is warm enough to open the windows!

I'm also a bit jealous.......it SNOWED today here (Alberta,Canada)!!! Agh! I thought spring was finally here! We have stayed in all morning...just playing and making baby food. Hopefully after Ryleigh's nap we can bundle up and go out for a walk in the snow.

Kacey & Ryleigh (9 months)

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Tue, 04-01-2003 - 2:35pm
Hiya Jess,

Are ya feelin' good these days?

It's snowing here, yuck, supposed to be cold til the weekend .

Have a great afternoon and enjoy that nice breeze comin' in the window!