1 plan per day per subject? is this wrong? New job, new problems

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1 plan per day per subject? is this wrong? New job, new problems
Mon, 09-02-2013 - 11:06am

So after 5 months of trying to do something different and running out of money. I took a teaching job. 3rd grade at a charter school. I'm almost afraid to discuss this because if one person answers back with how ungrateful I am, I'm going deep on them. I am simply explaining the situation.

Like it or not, I need the work and do love TEACHING!! I hate education. With all the CCS and ED-Deform, its just a serious hot mess.

So, I'm looking for gigs all over town, sending resume after resume. I have some interviews, they never call. I go to this company's job fair and they hire everyone that shows up. (About 20 of us showed up at different times)

One look at my resume, a ten minute interview and I"m being offered a contract. Way below what I'm worth which means I have to either get a second job or quit, which I plan to do. Something just doesn't feel right.

But anyway, beyond that, been kept in meetings all week, couldn't set up the room, no passwords to any attendance records and now, I have to turn in a lesson plan, per day, per subject, yep 20.

It this mess normal? I am use to turning in a plan a week per subject. 2 pages per subject, So I'm used to 10 pages in a week but not twenty. I'm still writing them as we speak.

Someone said it's called LFS!! Whatever it is, its just WRONG!! I'd love to be trained and updated on this new world order of education, but honestly, its selling our kids out.

So my plan is to work this until I find a more suitable job. I am also still working on the non profit and other things, but until then I gotta do what I gotta do.

Oh and don't worry, to all the people reading this and feeling bad for the kids,  that's exactly why I'm getting out. They deserve someone who wants to be there and I am moving on asap.

By the way, ARE YOU A BAT?? Check us out and join us: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BadAssTeachers/?bookmark_t=group


P.S. Did I mention the job I really wanted called me after I had taken this job and gotten the drug test and fingerprnts for it. It was a lower paying job, but it was a multi site supervisor for an after school program. I wanted that for the experience. Anyway, still on the hunt for a more suitable job. I KNOW THERE IS NOT PERFECT PLACE AND EVERY PLACE WILL HAVE ITS FAULTS.