1st wk back-so far, so good !!!!

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1st wk back-so far, so good !!!!
Fri, 07-28-2006 - 12:08am
We've got a new Principal & Administrative Asst. 2 new math teachers in our 5 teacher dept, & a classmate of mine is teaching in the adjoining classroom to mine since she took over the 8th gr. language arts "A" track block (moving up from the 7th which she's had the past couple years). Our new principal is very gung ho on targeting the low kids (Title 1, which my kids are). I've one aide assigned to me all day, every day, except my homeroom, & at least for the 1st week, it has been like heaven. She not only keeps up w/grading the papers for all my classes, but does it around working w/the kids. She offered to enter the grades in my book (which I'd never considered asking my aides to do), & is doing my stats for me on my broken down stds chart from the pre-test DAPs (District quarterly assessments - based on our aligned curriculum w/the state test in April). Hopefully we'll get the accelerated math up & working next week & I can also have her basically be responsible for running that for my classes. I'm still in "wait & see" mode to see if they continually pull her to sub or fill in elsewhere - which is what happpened at least 85% of the time w/my assigned aides last year. I could really get used to this!! I know it's only 1st week, & we're just pulling into some kind of routine, but so far it's soooooo much less stressful to me!! even tho my classes are all hovering right around the 20 students each mark - one 8th w/21 (inc. 3 who've turned out to be ELL & don't speak much English), one 7th w/19, & one 8th w/17. Time will tell - but so far so good!
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Fri, 07-28-2006 - 10:47am

Great start! Setting a plan and making it work from the beginning is a definite positive. When you have the expectations and procedures defined things will always run more smoothly. It sounds like you have a great aide. That can make such a difference. Having someone that can think and act independently is wonderful. Some wait for step by step instructions and never take anything on themselves.

We also had the problem of aides being pulled to sub when they couldn't get anyone or when a teacher left during the day for illness or an emergency. The aides hated it because they were paid less as a per hour aide than if they were a sub. They finally refused to sub unless they got the sub rate.



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Sun, 07-30-2006 - 5:08pm

I'm that your year is going so well this far. I love my assistant. The one I had my first half year was NOT. I hope to never lose her as long as this school is open. It must be where I am but our aides aren't used as subs. It's a against the contract. They get pulled for other things though.