Adv. Ed. Psych Class........

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Adv. Ed. Psych Class........
Mon, 03-20-2006 - 5:20pm

In Grad School, loving my course so far. We talked about kids with adhd and I began to wonder....

With all the labels and diagnosis, are we getting a little nuts with it? Also, adhd kids can do things for external rewards, but not internal rewards. My prof explained that kids with this diagnosis "just can't" do things you want them to do. Their brains are just wired differently....

But how is it they can do it for a reward. I don't understand?? Also, we discussed observational learning. I personally wanted to know why negative behaviors can be copied once almost exactly, but positive behaviors take months to instill no matter how much "Modeling" you do??

Gonna love this class. Loved ed psych in undergrad. Very happy to have a refresher course!!


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Tue, 03-21-2006 - 7:16pm

Huh? I've had ADHD kids on meds that were fine, cooperative, hard-working, and responsible.



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Tue, 03-21-2006 - 8:51pm

Sounds like your prof. is making some very broad statements! Kids do what they need to survive, first of all, and secondly, many ADHD kids have comorbidities that are a huge factor in choosing their negative behavior.


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Tue, 03-28-2006 - 6:10am

My own personal kids are ADHD, and I have to tell you that my oldest -back when we were sweating over 1st grade homework that took hours to do, could NOT do it for ANYTHING. And honey, I think I tried it all. Positive, negative, neither. Nothing helped. I was ready to start drinking. Some nights I would hold his hand in mine and write the stuff. It was horrid, and meds were a blessed relief. His homework was suddenly well done in 30 minutes instead of 3 hours.

Good question on the positive vs negative behaviors.



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Tue, 03-28-2006 - 12:42pm

My prof gave all the scenario and background for adhd. It said that medication is definitely the key as well as established routines and consistency. But...

He was saying their brains are just wired differently and I agree, but how is it when it comes to pay off that some can do what is requested. Are these kids being mis-diagnosed?
Or does adhd go frome the sublime to the ridiculous?....

I know these are real diagnoses and I'm no doctor but I have an autistic kid in my class. If I give a direction to work, he misunderstands everytime. But when I say, "lunchtime, or recess or let's play" he's the first in line and knows exactly what to do...

So in other words why do we all look for the pay off in everything? Does anyone work for intrinsic motivation anymore??