Advice for a fresh start in January

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Advice for a fresh start in January
Mon, 12-29-2008 - 9:28pm
I'm looking for some advice to get behavior under control again when school resumes next week. I teach 2nd-5th grade gifted children in a pullout model(some of these kids I've taught for 3+ years) and my issues are mostly with my 3rd and 4th graders. Nothing terrible, just a lot of talking, not following directions, generally not taking responsibility for their work and being playful. I usually spend the first week or so of school writing class expectations and rules with my students but was on maternity leave this year until the end of September so that didn't happen. When I returned I jumped right into instruction. I have small groups, from 5-11 students at a time so it is a bit less formal than a traditional classroom, but it has gotten out of control. I'd like to get back on track with them so any advice you have is greatly appreciated!

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Tue, 12-30-2008 - 4:38pm

Hi, Kristen: I think you have a good idea when you start with letting them set goals and behavior expectations. I always did the same thing in K-6. Since it's a new year I'd start with New Year's Resolutions and let them discuss a positive classroom atmosphere, behavior expectations etc and how to make things better.



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Tue, 12-30-2008 - 5:04pm

I'm not an experienced enough teacher to say for sure what works best for which people, but when I took my most recent classroom management course (I've had several), I became enamored with Alfie Kohn.

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Wed, 12-31-2008 - 4:50pm
I teach HS, so I don't think a lot of my strategies would work, but this one might. Every year when we return from Christmas Break, I spend the first day reviewing the syllabus and classroom expectations.