Any suggestions?

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Any suggestions?
Wed, 08-03-2005 - 11:16pm
I teach first grade- this will be my second year after switching from 11 years of pre-k inclusion. I have lots of things that I want to tweak this year after going through last year. Here's one I need some help with ...
I want to find a way to make my students accountable for their work during our literacy center time. This is the time when I am working on reading with small groups and the other students are independently working in literacy centers. I need some way to make sure they are not just goofing off but using the materials in the intended way (for example, in a center with magnetic letters, making word wall words instead of flicking the letters across the table). I have seen some teachers use center journals where they have the kids record what they did in each center. This is also an inclusion class so some of mine do not write at all and can get frustrated with attempts. I want this to be something that all the kids can do independently in a short period of time at the end of centers. Also, I don't want anything that will add tons of work to my load. I thought they could have a peer who was working with them or near them sign off or initial their paper. I started doing some sketchy charts with pictures and words where the kids can just check off, circle a picture or maybe write a book title (if they were in the listening center, buddy reading, etc.). But it is very busy and that is hard for some of these kiddos. I would love to hear how you handle this. School starts in 2 and a half weeks for us.
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Thu, 08-04-2005 - 9:22pm

Welcome, Flo. I think you're on the right track with your ideas.