Bossy Colleague....WWYD?

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Bossy Colleague....WWYD?
Mon, 10-03-2005 - 10:15pm

Well, there is a new teacher at our school. She is new to teaching as well as new to the school. She has done several things in the last few days that have really peeved me. Once she told me that I wasn't doing my job the way she thought it should be done. (and I didn't go to her for advice, this was unsolicited)
Another incident: I told one of my kids to do something a tiny bit out of the ordinary and this teacher told the child to do the exact opposite. When I explained my reasoning to the teacher, she said that it didn't matter that there were special circumstances, the child needed to do it HER way.
Third incident: during a conversation in the teacher's room, the teacher mentioned that she works longer every day than I do because she stays late. (Hello, I have a small child that needs picked up, and I do many hours of work at home)

Any tips for dealing with this newbie? I feel like, now that she has a job and her license, she thinks she knows everything! Do I ignore her? Am I being way too sensitive here?

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Tue, 10-04-2005 - 10:42pm

Ahh, the "I'm new, I've learned it all and my way will save the world" syndrome. These newbies are cruising for a big crash, but there is little you can do other than let her crash. She has to learn that there are multiple ways and multiple issues to consider for each situation. The only way she will believe this is to learn it from experience. What you can ask is that she take no action with your children that contradict your requirements and procedures. Request that she ask you if she has any questions about your procedures and requirements. Phrase the request as professional collaboration and



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Tue, 10-04-2005 - 10:54pm

From all that you have posted, I do not think you're being too sensitive at all. I think she has a lot of nerve. What are the chances that she won't get picked up for a second year at your school? Our local schools are never without teachers and you have to really watch your P's & Q's in the first 3 don't have tenure in the state until the first day of your fourth year.

Is she also going through any kind of mentorship/assessment thing for the state being a new teacher?

LOL..she works harder because she stays later! I know I'm putting in way more hours than not-so-new teachers (mostly at home...I have a child, too), but I also know that that will come...I just need to get adjusted to getting everything done..time management/organization/efficient grading of papers/PAPERWORK!!! It's not something that can be learned in a teacher education program. I was the most on-time, everything organized, papers graded that afternoon, all paperwork completed timely & orderly person while student teaching, but I'm 2 months into the school year and still pulling my hair out!! (Okay, so I do have nearly twice as many students, and get and lose students daily thanks to the hurricane, plus many in the first 2 weeks of school, but STILL!...)