Checking in again

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Checking in again
Tue, 04-05-2011 - 6:23pm

I don't remember if I checked in before or after I met with the union attorney over spring break. He reviewed my case and suggested that we negotiate rather than push forward for a due process hearing as he felt that the documentation against me outweighed any defense we could create. I'm okay with this; in fact, it's what I prefer to happen as I really do not want to be forced to sit in the same room with my ex-administrator to discuss this further.

He spoke with the district attorney and it appears they are also willing to settle. The settlement will be that they continue to pay out the remainder of my contract as if I were still working in the building, the board rescind their earlier motion to non-renew me and accept my letter of resignation, and that the only information they release regarding my employment with them be the dates of my employment. They should act on this at the next board meeting. He doesn't see any reason that the board would not accept this.

DH is still working in the same building and there are some truly horrible things going on there. Each time he tells me something new, it makes me feel even more disgusted for having worked there as long as I did. From what I'm hearing, people in the community are starting to question what's going on there, too. Today was a general election and there were 4 school board positions up for election. Only one position had two people running, the other 3 were all current members running unopposed. I really believe that in order for there to be any sort of change in my former building, a change must take place at board level as the principal has the board eating out of the palm of her hand. I only know of 2 members who don't care for the principal...not enough to get her out of her job. Maybe there will be enough outrage in the coming months that people will start complaining enough and questioning what's going on that change will come.

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Wed, 04-06-2011 - 2:47pm

Sadly, change takes a long time. One of my worst admins was a horrible jerk from the day he came into the building.

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Wed, 04-06-2011 - 11:56am
It sounds like that is the best you could have hoped for. I'm glad they are allowing you to resign. Are you concerned about future employers asking them for a reference for you? That is my biggest concern since my situation was similar to yours. I have a letter from my AP who is a nice guy, but I'm afraid future employers may talk to my principal and she is evil incarnate. I don't trust her at all.
Are you looking to return to education? I have very mixed feelings about it. I just signed up with a teachers' employment agency. I've been unemployed since last June and it's really very hard. I wish you the best of luck.