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Wed, 05-24-2006 - 8:17am

I am looking for advice for anyone who is familiar with TSS workers.

I have a child in my classroom (Autistic Support) who has a TSS worker. This child has been putting his mouth on everything, jumping off chairs & tables, screaming, crying, etc.

His TSS worker looks at me to provide the first behavior interventions before she steps in.

Am I wrong in thinking that this is backwards? She should be stepping in so I can teach the other 7...correct??

The other question...this same child's mother is very abusive and there is nothing that teachers can do about it. She emails district people, administrators with stories (all false) about how horrible our school is, etc. Any advice on how to deal with it?? I keep chanting "4 weeks left...4 weeks left...4 weeks left..." But then he'll be in my classroom again next year & it will start all over. Any suggestions??


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Wed, 05-24-2006 - 12:23pm

Hi, Autumn.