Count Day - WWYD

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Count Day - WWYD
Sat, 09-24-2005 - 4:03am

We had our count day on the 16th. Second grade was enough above projection that we will be getting an additional second grade teacher. This is good - as of today I was up to 19. With the new teacher we should be leveled off at 16 - so I should lose my 3 last enrolled.

My last enrolled just started today - he will go to the new class. My second newest student has CP and is in a wheelchair - I'm pretty sure he will stay w/ me due to accessibility issues (new class will be in a portable). Next in line is A - fine, nice kid, very low - haven't gotten too attached to her.

Here is my question - my third kid to go would be S. He's a fairly high student. Behavior is okay, talks out can be a pain - but nothing major. I'm halfway thinking of just asking if I can keep him and stay at 17. Why? Well, I figure if my numbers are a bit high maybe I won't get any new students for awhile. I'm used to S, somewhat attached to him, know what I'm getting.

So the WWYD is would you request to keep the 17th current student with the payoff of more likely stability and a fairly high kid with no major issues or would you just take the lowest numbers possible and enjoy it while it lasts?

We're in a transient area (Las Vegas). Our school zoning includes a Budget Suites which is somewhat temporary housing. So what comes down the curve is definitely - well let's just say it could be more challenging than S. LOL

This may be theoretical - not sure if my principal will just say "nope everyone at 16" but she's usually somewhat flexible (but she also wants to be fair - both to the new teacher and us - that's why we can't just pick our least favorite students to give up - lol) Stephanie

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Sat, 09-24-2005 - 5:08pm

I think I'd ask. Having one more and stability is still a plus. Giving the newbie one less coluld also be a plus. I was in a similar situation and having one more was always better. I never minded having one leave, unless it was the best in the class, but always getting the new ones with issues, especially late in the year, is a challenge. The additional bookkeeping and record work is no fun.



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Fri, 09-30-2005 - 10:22pm


It can't hurt to ask...if you know you're likely to get more students down the road, it would be better "the devil you know than the devil you don't".

I'm jealous of your class sizes - mine are at 22, 25 and 32! Of course, this is high school, but marking 32 of anything gets pretty tedious.

Good luck! I hope it works out favourably for you,