This is a disturbing pattern...

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This is a disturbing pattern...
Thu, 03-04-2010 - 4:40pm

OK, so as I said, I just finished all of my work for a second master's in adolescent education.

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Thu, 03-04-2010 - 5:37pm

You had to ask!!!



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Thu, 03-04-2010 - 9:36pm
You probably don't want to hear my answer either, but I agree with Sherry. I've been in education for 14 yrs. I have worked for many administrators and I've have exactly ONE good one. My asst supt in a former district was great. She was very supportive of the library. She understood how it was supposed to be and she did a lot to further the programs. Other administrators I have had have ranged from a heartless sociopath (my present principal) to just clueless and ineffectual. They all claim its all about the kids, but truly I believe for most of them, it's all about them and what makes them look good.
I am very down on education right now. Since NCLB it's become all about the test. If you don't teach Eng. or Math, you really don't count. The band teacher in my school was hired several years ago as the only band teacher in the whole district. Now we have more, but the program really stinks and she is teaching less and less band. They just put her in gen music slots because they need to fill up the schedule. For people like you and me (a library media specialist) who are in unified arts, the situation is getting more precarious. UA is often the first place to be cut from budgets when they can't get passed and money is tight. My own dd wants to major in elem ed (she's a college sophomore) and I really can't encourage her.
I would never tell you what to do and maybe you need to talk to people happy in this business, but even before I was axed, I had serious reservations about the direction of k-12 education. I think this emphasis on testing is just ruining education and taking all the creativity out of it. In my district, even the UA people had to have goals that supported strands in the standardized testing. It's crazy! So the music people had to pick something about how rhythm can be related to math.
I hope your experiences are better. As long as you don't have years and years in the system, you can always leave and do something else. I wish you luck.