Do they teach the Holocaust in your

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Do they teach the Holocaust in your
Tue, 05-09-2006 - 8:54pm

district? My dd is in 8th grade and they are studying WWII in history and the Holocaust and reading _Night_by Elie Weisel in her English class. My dd is a very sensitive kid and she is really disturbed by this stuff. I called her teacher today, not say I think they should remove this important topic from the curriculum, but to discuss how maybe parents need a heads up and kids might be able to be excused from watching some of the documentaries if they are sensitive.

How do you feel about exposing kids to such a heavy, heavy topic?

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Wed, 05-10-2006 - 1:17pm

I teach the Holocaust. Many of the teachers in my school show 'Schindler's List.' Since it is not primary source, I do not. I show a video called "Children Remember the Holocaust." It was once an ABC Afterschool special. It is indeed heavy stuff, so I send home a letter saying that if a parent wants their child excused from the video, I would grant that. In 10 years I have not had any parent say yes.

This year we were also very fortunate to have Mrs. Helen Sperling come to our school and address all of our 8th grade students. She is a Holocaust survivor.