Ever wonder about people in the office?

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Ever wonder about people in the office?
Thu, 10-01-2009 - 6:40pm

Get ready for a rant!

This has been a big year of change for me, not only as an educator but also a person. I'm learning to be responsible not just for myself but for my step-daughters as well.

We enrolled the girls in the school in the town where we'll be moving this month. It's in my district so it works out for us to have the same schedule to some degree. The secretaries at the school seemed very helpful and kind when we enrolled them for school. Unfortunately, it has not stayed that way with one of them. The secretary in question seems to have issues with the fact that my youngest step-daughter is special needs; she doesn't understand things the way typical kids do. We can repeatedly tell her things but she doesn't necessarily remember them or want to comply. It's largely her disability that prevents her from being able to do the things we remind her about daily.

She tried to walk home one day before I could get to the school to pick her up. When my husband called to leave a message with one of her teachers to see if one of them would hold her until I got there, the secretary rudely informed him that she sits outside by herself all the time. It isn't true: The oldest sits with her. Since then, we created a plan with her SPED teacher so that this doesn't happen again.

She's often prone to uncontrollable outbursts of anger, for which she is receiving treatment. The secretary went out of her way to nastily inform me of one of her outbursts one day when I went into the school to pick up the girls. And just yesterday, she told my husband that our youngest wasn't allowed to come to school (her exact words) on a particular day without telling him why. I emailed her to get more information only to get the same response. I had to email the teacher to find out what's going on on that particular day.

It really makes me wonder: How do these people get hired and why are they allowed to treat others this way?! The secretaries in my building are great; they help us out tremendously and are two of the nicest people on staff. This lady? I just don't understand.

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Fri, 10-02-2009 - 10:09am

I've noticed that many school secretaries burn out like teachers do. This can show up as negative comments



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Fri, 10-02-2009 - 4:06pm

As a former school secretary, I agree with you. School secretaries can face many challenges during the course of a workday, challenges that aren't faced by office staff in other environments, but like the other staff members at the school, their behaviour must remain professional. The behaviour described in the OP was not professional, and should be brought to the attention of the principal.

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Wed, 10-14-2009 - 10:08am

It's hard for me to respond to this message without straddling both sides of the fence. But I'll agree with the professionalism of the situation, she should treat all parents with kindness and respect and keep her personal thoughts and feelings out of it when addressing your or other parents. She was wrong and yes you should report her.