Got a bachelor's degree? Now you can teach in Indiana!

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Got a bachelor's degree? Now you can teach in Indiana!
Thu, 12-06-2012 - 11:08am

Wow!  Big, shocking news in Indiana news this morning.  The State Board of Education voted 9-2 yesterday to change teacher's licensing rules to allow any bachelor's degree holder with a 3.0 GPA or higher to teach.

I didn't even realize this was something that was under consideration.  It sounds like it was Tony Bennett's final accomplishment before the new superintendent takes over.


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Speaking as someone who has taught transition to teaching classes for non-education majors who are hoping to change careers, NO WAY are most of these people going to make great teachers.  I would usually have a handful in each cohort that had potential. Most never made it because they had to student teach and they crashed and burned big time.  Several of them had already washed out of their previous careers for various personal querks. One was a stalker and ended up in jail more than once for stalking his ex wife after he made it and was teaching. One was anti-social. Why he wanted to teach I have no idea.  He failed student teaching.  Several had already tried several careers and couldn't make it. Some thought teaching was a sure paycheck and that anyone could do it. They were smart enough to pass the classes and get by but they couldn't make it  in the long run. Some got jobs but couldn't handle it past a year or so.  Many were sure they were going to change the world and have every kid hooked on their subject and loving school. They had a rude awakening.

The sad thing is that the kids become the guinea pigs for this grand experiment. They will suffer while a lot of these career changers are figuring out that it isn't about lecturing on your favorite subject while the kids hang on to every word.

This mess is a parting gift from Tony and Mitch. Together they have made about every wrong move possible while supposedly working to improve education. Their logic on this one is that college professors can teach without having been trained in education methods because they really know their content.  Anyone who ever went to college should know better. How many great instructors did you really have?  How many droned on for an hour or more, played games with tests and often lectured to a class where half were absent or walked out, a quarter were asleep, and the rest were diligently trying to figure out how to play their game and beat the odds? Most university people care about research and writing, not teaching. I saw a lot of people teaching education with no experience in a K-12 classroom. They knew one specific area, based on interest and research, but couldn't grasp the big picture.  Copying higher ed is not the answer. Those of us with real experience were in the minority and not as respected by those who saw themselves as our superiors. There is no team spirit, shared vision or cooperation in higher ed. Higher ed is not a role model for K-12.