Gross of pencils for $2....

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Gross of pencils for $2....
Mon, 07-24-2006 - 3:53pm

I just bought 144 pencils for $2 at Walgreen's. The 24-packs of Penway pencils (yellow or multi-colored outsides) are 3/$1, limit 6, with coupon in sales paper that you get in front of store.

Don't know if they work well...I'll need to try 'em out! ETA: The pencils sharpen well, write well, and have great erasers! (BTW, the Papermate pencils at Wal-mart have horrible erasers!)

Also, white posters 10¢ each--limit 4.


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Mon, 07-24-2006 - 9:53pm

I hope they are good pencils!

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