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Mon, 10-06-2008 - 8:04pm

My boss calls me in today for a meeting....alone. She says that she stopped a couple parents on Friday to ask "how things were going." Two parents apparently gave her an earful. As my boss listed the things that supposedly came out of my mouth, I actually started laughing. How could any parent believe that I would actually SAY such things?! UGH! Anyway, these parents are 'threatening to take their child out of our school' because of me. It's a private school - so this is always the parent's "BIG THREAT" when talking to the big boss. They seem to think it gives them power. Whatever.

Seriously, the claims were SO outrageous. I had most of these kids last year as well because I moved up with them. What I can't figure out is....did a kid get things turned around (it happens) or is a parent out to get me? I wish I knew who it was because I DO know a couple of parents that don't like me, and another couple of kids who could really get things turned around. If I thought I'd done something wrong, I could change things. But, I haven't done anything wrong!

I told my boss that all I've heard all year is parents telling me how happy they are that I am with their kids again this year. They are telling me that things are going well, and their kids are challenged and love having me.

Don't know what to do at this point.....any advice?


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This happens to me sometimes because we're a Charter School and are struggling with enrollment numbers.

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Tue, 10-07-2008 - 10:37pm

Pepsi is right. I would add that some parents do seem to begin to develop the "My kid is always right syndrome," and they begin to look at little things as major problems and somehow blame you. Kids also begin to know what they can say to avoid punishment. If mom or dad is on them about something, homework, attitude etc. then it can quickly become your fault.