Help for brain drained teacher

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Help for brain drained teacher
Tue, 09-07-2004 - 10:10pm

Can sommeone PLEASE explain the difference between a teaching objective, skill and strategy? (In an easy way to teach 6th graders)


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Wed, 09-08-2004 - 6:51am me:

An objective would be that old SWBAT - students will be able to multiply two digit numbers. Students will be able to identify three events that led to the Civil War.

A skill would fall in the application area of Bloom's taxonomy maybe. Something they can do - - multiplying 2 digit numbers together, or writing a paragraph outlining the events that led to the war? Though I do not see why that skill could not also be your objective.

A strategy is a way to get somewhere. For example, partial products or lattice method or standard algorhythm for multiplication. Or reading a text and outlining key points.

I don't really see the three as totally distinct from eachother, and - do you mean that you must teach the MEANING of these three terms to your sixth graders? They seem more like things the teacher needs to keep a hold of than the kids.


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Thu, 09-09-2004 - 10:46pm
Hmmm...thinking some more on this one...

If it is supposed to be from a student perspective, maybe this would make sense.

If you saw the OBJECTIVE as the main goal:

Being able to read/gather meaning from text.

Underneath that would be the SKILLS that make up reading:

Decoding words, identifying main idea, etc.

The strategies then would be ways to arrive at those skills:



ok, have several certifications, but most of my actual teaching has been in music.

Probably can do it better within that subject matter, if I may.


Main goal - to be able to read and play music


Music reading

Individual skills on an instrument (tonguing, fingering, tone production)


Pre-scanning music before attempting to read play; look for key, meter, unusual events.

Isolation of elements in scales, chords.

Isolation of difficult passages in practice.

Use of metronome.

So the objective is the main goal, the skills are the subset of things you must be able to do to achieve that goal, and the strategies are broken down even further as the step by step processes that can be used to develop the skills.

Ok -- that might finally make it clear, and be something that could be easily explained on a student's level.

Have I come anywhere close to what you were looking for in all this rambling?? ;)


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Sun, 02-13-2005 - 4:27pm
Yes, Thanks!