Here come the fundraisers!

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Here come the fundraisers!
Fri, 08-28-2009 - 12:35pm

School has started. Most went back on August 12. Yesterday the schools started sending home the fundraising folders with all of the overpriced stuff and the letter about how the school needs ________. Fill in the blank with the item of choice.

I completely understand that schools need funds for many resources. I just hate to make the kids the salesmen.



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Fri, 08-28-2009 - 5:40pm

A couple of years ago, our student council did a really neat fund-raiser. We called it the 50-50 pot. People would "donate" 50 cents for one chance and $1 for 3 chances. The winner would get half of whatever amount we raised and we kept the other half. Many people would tell us to keep the money because we used the funds to help pay for supplies for Bloodmobile and homecoming. It's a pretty labor-intensive fund-raiser in that you can only really do it at an event with lots of people but it doesn't force the kids to see junk.

Our sophomores also sell magazines as their sole junior prom fund-raiser. I also remember selling cheese, sausage and melt-away mints as a senior.

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Fri, 08-28-2009 - 10:11pm

The trailer park where we spend weekends in the summer does a few fundraisers- mostly raffles, but my fave and the biggest is the following: it's called the "penny sale"

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Fri, 08-28-2009 - 10:24pm

I hate the fundraisers, too.... my school does a magazine drive every fall.

One thing music teachers have to be careful of is charging money for performances - if you charge, you have to pay royalties to the copyright holders for every song you perform (after asking permission in the first place - before the show). If you make CDs/videos of the performance and sell them (even just for parents), you have to pay royalties. I know lots of people do this without paying the royalties, but they are breaking the law and risking big-time penalties.... I believe you CAN just take donations, but have never done it. Am considering it, though, because I know how much parents (and me!) hate the fundraisers.

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