Homeschooling on Facebook

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Homeschooling on Facebook
Sat, 03-27-2010 - 12:53pm

I got myself into a mess on Facebook.

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Sat, 03-27-2010 - 1:21pm

One of my husband's aunts and her husband home-schooled all of their kids. They have no education background. He works in technology and all of their kids turned out great and have gone on to home-school their children with great results.

I think it's probably suited to certain types of people. I've had kids come into my classroom after being home-schooled and they couldn't adapt but I've had kids come into my classroom who were home-schooled and they've done fine. It really depends on the program and the innate ability of the person teaching.

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Sat, 03-27-2010 - 5:45pm
I don't think you need an ed degree to home school your kids, but I do think you need to have a certain level of education. If a parent is only a HS grad, I don't think they would be a very effective teacher. I also think it's probably ok for most kids through elem. school but after that it gets much harder. How does one teach Chemistry and Physics?
I think it also depends what kind of education the parents want their kids to have. If they're preparing them to work at Walmart, then they don't need much of an education.
The thing that bothers me about home schooling is that rules about it vary wildly from state to state. Some states have almost no regulations so the kids could basically watch TV all day and it would be fine. I think kids should have to pass the same standardized testing as in school kids, that way the government could at see that the kid was making adequate progress.
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Sat, 03-27-2010 - 6:41pm

I basically agree with Guili. I would never have thought about home schooling my daughters for HS. Higher level math and physics are beyond my ability to teach effectively



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Mon, 03-29-2010 - 10:00pm

Every single kid I've had in my class, who has been homeschooled has had a deficit in some area. For instance - the parent isn't very good at writing, so they don't really teach writing. Regular parents can be good homeschoolers, but they need to recognize their weak areas and ask for outside help. If a kid were in regular school, at least one of their teachers would teach them writing along the way. KWIM? If the kid has the parent for every year, they would never get any writing education. Ever.

There are no strict rules over homeschooling here in Colorado, unfortunately. You can do a lot or a little. One parent I know who homeschools does almost nothing with her kids as far as book work or writing or math or anything. She prefers the 'loose and free' method. Math is going grocery shopping. Biology is helping with the farm animals. Reading is whatever you want, when and if you want. These kids are not getting an education at all.

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