How to bounce back?

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How to bounce back?
Mon, 08-24-2009 - 12:39pm

Hello! I am going into my 4th year of high school teaching. My first two years were very smooth and enjoyable. I thoroughly enjoyed my job and knew I'd made the right choice. The kids were sweet and I loved teaching them. I moved after my second year of teaching and I took a job in another district, and since then I've had a rough time. During the last year of teaching, I:

- was transferred to another school in the 5th week of school (24 hours notice)

- had to travel to classrooms for each period (I'd always had my own, including at my initial placement in this district)

- got the most difficult reading class I'd ever had

- had more major behavior problems than ever before

- switched textbooks, curriculum, and grade levels halfway through the year

- became more depressed, exhausted, and frustrated than ever before (even more than student teaching!)

I had the summer to relax and recuperate from the last school year. I start next week and I'm starting to feel anxious that the feelings of depression and dissatisfaction will be back, and that will make my job that much harder. I have been assigned all reading classes next year, and as a writing teacher, it is emotionally draining to be restricted from teaching what I love. I feel inconsequential and unimportant in my district; often I feel like a name on a spreadsheet for them to move around. (This sentiment was explicitly articulated by a district administrator in an attempt to explain my transfer.)

Do you have any advice on how to survive this year without getting dragged down by anxiety? I am getting married next summer so I hope that will give me something to look forward to on the hardest days at work. All I want is to enjoy my job without getting bogged down by the administrative parts of it!

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Mon, 08-24-2009 - 8:29pm

I understand how you feel. Being in a great situation in a school with a positive climate and then seeing the other side is hard.