I like him-THE UPDATE

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I like him-THE UPDATE
Sun, 10-12-2008 - 8:21pm
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Mon, 10-13-2008 - 10:01am


As they say, you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince. I'm truly sorry things turned out the way they did, and I for one am not going to hit you hard for it. I don't think in any way do you deserve that.

Beth "Petrouchka"

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Mon, 10-13-2008 - 11:06am

GT, you're a smart gal. Some women give chances and chances despite the red flags because they want so much to believe. We both know that if it's meant to be the truth will come out and things will move on from there. Make it clear to him that you have requirements and will not be conned. Stay smart and strong. You know you'll hear from him again as he tests your will.



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Tue, 10-14-2008 - 11:48am
I'm not going to hit you but I'm going to tell you that you did the right thing.

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Wed, 10-15-2008 - 7:46pm
He sounds like bad news, good decision.
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Thu, 10-16-2008 - 11:16am

Sending you good vibes!! Hang in there. You are going to be a great mom. Stay stuck baby bean!!


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Mon, 10-20-2008 - 12:58pm

I have been gone so sorry this is late. I think you are a very smart woman. I am so sorry things didn't work out. I am glad things didn't get too far so it was easy..er