I'm done...

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I'm done...
Sat, 05-13-2006 - 4:46pm

at least until June 12. We finished finals last week and then we had two days of curriculum mapping/accreditation work this week.



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Sat, 05-13-2006 - 5:28pm

Our students will be out next Friday, it will be a half-day for the students. Teachers get out Mon, May 22.

Our final grades were tallied on Thursday. Wednesday was field day, so school's been over for the students since Tuesday of this week.

We DO give finals, but at our school, they don't count! The only students that SHOULD be at school are: the ones whose parents don't want them at home by themselves, the ones who want perfect attendance, the ones who are in danger of failing due to absences, and the ones looking to cause trouble. The teachers are in high security mode right now, and we'll probably ALL have duty every day next week.

I had to grade 5 different things last weekend for almost all 156 students, but that was the end of it. My "chores" for school this weekend included printing my final grades from Grade Quick and filling in my pupil progression chart! I'm done!!!! Now, I can get this house clean (ok, I can START!).

Forgot to mention my summer plans. I will have 10 weeks of summer vacation (students have 11). My plans include chasing Aly (age 9) around to camps and summer school enrichment (not quite getting that...it's 3 weeks for FREE, so it must be a grant, for the high-achieving students ??????). She's scheduled for 2 weeks of summer camps--one at her school that deals with pirates and treasure hunts and another one that deals with detective science. Then, we've started our summer calendar with library and vet school programs.

Other "plans" include reading some books that I've been wanting to read and watching some movies that I've owned for quite a while and have never watched.


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Mon, 05-15-2006 - 11:01am

Sounds good to me. I've got three books waiting, two left from last summer, and several decorating and gardening ideas to work on.



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Fri, 05-19-2006 - 3:32pm

Look carefully at the emoticon. ***hate, hate, hate*** coming your way...

I have 25 more days and I will be starting my classes soon, so I won't be free until July!!

I am happy for ya!! Get some rest and enjoy yourself.


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Sun, 05-21-2006 - 2:48pm

Basically we're done. Finished up our 4th qtr district assessment tests & had to have grades posted Friday for report cards to go home w/students Wednesday. We "babysit" the 7ths tomorrow while the 8ths go on an end of the year swim day trip, then "babysit" the 8ths Tuesday while the 7ths go on theirs - think the whole staff is showing movies. Wednesday they'll show up & go home at 10:00. The 8th grade promotion is at 11:00. We have a work day THursday, w/lunch & a staff meeting. Then we're done til July 17th when we have to report back. Students back the 24th. Hopefully sometime in there I'll be told if I have to take my room apart - but then I haven't been given any kind of check out list either... The other teachers have told me unless they plan on painting the walls shouldn't have to take stuff down, just inventory everything, put my desk stuff in the drawers as they move furniture around. Room supply orders went in last week, cum. files will be finalized Monday/Tuesday as the end of year trips are being held.

No major plans for the break - might get around to finish painting the last couple rooms of my house that I began almost 2 years ago now - MAYBE!! My god-daughter is getting married June 3rd so I'll get in another quick visit w/my D30 & g'kids as we head over to Southern CA for that event. DH wants to go up July 4th weekend to visit SD23 & her DH in Mountain Home, Idaho - tho S19 says he'd like to come along if he can get off work. This is his first year not coming home over break as he & a couple dormies settled into a rental house last week & he's working for the summer & prepping for his LSAT's in June. Maybe I'll be avle to get down to see his new digs over break. Would like to get S16's Senior pics done & he'll be heading to Speech & Debate camp mid July for his last couple weeks of break before starting serious football workouts & his senior year 1st part of August.

Life goes on - maybe now I can take part in it & get a little rest - tho there was a save-the-date e-mail several months back about a Math & Science standards academy July 11-13 which I haven't yet heard much more on...