Need Science Enrichment for Elementary

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Need Science Enrichment for Elementary
Mon, 01-09-2006 - 10:24pm
I am teaching a Science Enrichment course this summer for ages Kinder through 4th grade. Any cool ideas or projects? Inexpensive ideas would be great!
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Thu, 01-12-2006 - 11:20pm

Not sure how helpful this will be, but I bought a giant book of science experiments (I think over 300, maybe about 500?) that are free or cheap for $10. I got it from Waldenbooks, but I've seen it at other bookstores.


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Fri, 01-13-2006 - 7:30pm

There's a book and a web site on Yucky Science. They really love that kind of stuff.




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Sun, 01-15-2006 - 3:47pm
Any book by Janice VanCleave will have a lot of inexpensive science experiments in it.


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Sat, 01-21-2006 - 12:08am

Ever made ooblick? (I'm not sure that's how you spell it) It has a couple of really simply ingredients and is basically a goo that gets more liquid-y the more you play with it. We made it in our after school program.

Another fun one I did once, was to go for a rock walk and collect rocks and then use vinegar to test our rocks for limestone (which is actually pretty common)

One gal in our After school program also made hovercrafts, using balloons, the little plastic cd shaped dividers that come in a stack of cd-r's and pop bottle tops. The kids thought they were totally cool.


Edited to add:
ooblick /oo'blik/ n.

A bizarre semi-liquid sludge made from cornstarch and water. Enjoyed among hackers who make batches during playtime at parties for its amusing and extremely non-Newtonian behavior; it pours and splatters, but resists rapid motion like a solid and will even crack when hit by a hammer. Often found near lasers.

Here is a field-tested ooblick recipe contributed by GLS:

1 cup cornstarch
1 cup baking soda
3/4 cup water
N drops of food coloring
This recipe isn't quite as non-Newtonian as a pure cornstarch ooblick, but has an appropriately slimy feel.

Some, however, insist that the notion of an ooblick recipe is far too mechanical, and that it is best to add the water in small increments so that the various mixed states the cornstarch goes through as it becomes ooblick can be grokked in fullness by many hands. For optional ingredients of this experience, see the "Ceremonial Chemicals" section of Appendix B.

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