new here - need help w/icebreakers!

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new here - need help w/icebreakers!
Sun, 08-14-2005 - 4:23pm


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Tue, 08-16-2005 - 12:49pm

Hello emelo26,

I'm GT34 and have a few suggestions, I use them in elementary but older students could use it too:

In Open Court there is a Concept/Question Board. So on the first day I plan to allow the students to ask respectable questions about me and put them on the board, then I will take the time to answer them and move the questions to the concept side. I thought this would be a good way to show them the purpose of the board right away.

Next, there is the class meeting. Everyone comes in, we all sit in a circle and take exactly two minutes to discuss who we are and what we like.

Now, you are a spanish teacher correct?? Can't you make a game out of that?? Split the class into two teams, get a pile of ten commonly used words and see who which teams knows the most words or something to that effect.

Or give them a riddle on their desks and offer a prize for the first 3 people who can figure it out.

You know the lame-o stuff we do in professional development, like picking a partner and having that person introduce you to the class.

Or you can play the game, Take a walk. You mention a scenario and if the person had done it they take a walk. Where ever they go, by the end of the game they must end up back at their seat.

That's all I can think of. Go on line to some teacher websites. I am sure you can find more. Welcome to the board. We love having you.


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Thu, 08-18-2005 - 7:12am

I am an elementary education major... are you familiar with the Tribes

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