No more homework. Thoughts?

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No more homework. Thoughts?
Sat, 09-23-2006 - 10:14am

One of the teachers put this article in all of our boxes this week and highlighted the parts she liked. What are your thoughts on this article?

Feb 09 Siggy

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Sat, 09-23-2006 - 2:16pm

I agree that more homework is not the answer.....

I agree that the main benefit is reading and skills practice and that's all we want as elementary teachers....

When students get into middle school and high school, it becomes so overwhelming that it loses it's benefit....

I mean you have homework from every class in every subject in middle school and high school that can be very difficult if you participate in after school activities or have responsibilities around the home.....

I know for me, I hated to do my homework in middle school, it was so much that sometimes I didn't do it. I would have all A's and B's in my other subjects and a D in homework....

In high school, I was worse because I worked when I was in high school and I just didn't have the time to do both....

So, keep it at a minimum and use it for what it's for: reading, skills practice and assessement......

However, I would personally like to do away with giving homework in my environment because THE PARENTS DO IT FOR THE KIDS.....

Then get MAD when we call the kid on it. I have second graders and their handwriting is still crooked....

So when the homework comes in perfectly written, I ask, is this your handwriting? They say, no my momma helped me.....

So I have now converted to just giving points. 5 points if it is turned in on time and correct, 4 points if it's mostly correct and 2.5 points if it's turned in on time but incorrect.....

I realized very early how the parent were so upset that their child's grades weren't higher, "they do their homework, why is he failing reading" Um, maybe because YOU ARE DOING THE HOMEWORK AND THE CHILD IS NOT READING....

Anyway, this is the same arguement for testing. All testing proves is what a kid doesn't know or that a kid is a good test taker.....

It never proves what a child knows because noone can measure that. Same with homework, too much of it doesn't help, but having none at all isn't the answer either.....


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Sat, 09-23-2006 - 6:54pm

In K-12 I never gave "homework" but I did make assignments to be completed by the next day. I'd also give study time. Some used it well and some didn't. If they didn't finish, the work was still due the next day so it went home or they figued out how to get it done another way. I looked at it as learning time management and responsibility as much as I worried about skill development.

I can't see the benefit of assigning a WS or page of problems as homework specifically. I think this is done a lot as just more drill and practice. If I ever assigned specific work to be done at home, it was something that couldn't be done at school. They did a survey or interviewed someone, they did a field observation, they brought something from home such as family pictures or food items for health etc. With 5-8 I'd assign on-going project-based activities that would develop over longer time periods. This could be homework for some students in some situations.

As for the article, I think a lot of the current problem is due to teaching the test. Homework is another way to drill the skills on a multiple choice high-stakes tests. I can also see that homework is ineffective because the same parents that complain often don't help or encourage so the work is not correct, not complete, or not done with a positive attitude. It's ironic that politicians and parents blame teachers for poor achievement, demand more in less time, with less money and less raw material, but then want no homework.



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Sat, 09-23-2006 - 10:08pm

I agree. I don't give homework, but if they don't finish their work during the school day, I expect it to be turned in the next day. Plus, checking papers is my least favorite thing to do, so I'm not going to make more work for myself.


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Sun, 09-24-2006 - 9:41am

Here's the crazy part....Last night I went digging last night for Cooper's actual study. I found a synopsis on the Duke University website (his employer). It basically said that homework SHOULD be given out. That we just need to limit the TIME of homework and the TYPE of homework. The Washington Post writer twisted it all up. Here is the Duke link.

I agree that homework should not be busy work. Both articles quoted him acurately in saying that elementary students should have reading and skills practice as homework. Most of my homework falls into three categories, finish this from class, skills practice (Math and English), and reading a novel.

I hate how the papers can completely take a subject and totally twist it in such a way that it makes it sound the opposite.

I agree with the rest of you, homework should not be given just to be given. Why create more work for yourselves? Especially when some students won't do it at all.


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Mon, 09-25-2006 - 10:13pm

It would be fine with me, if we had no homework. My oldest is in 5th grade this year, and I think we still have post-traumatic-stress from his first year in 1st grade when he had 3 hours of homework a night. It was insane, and there was not an iota of learning going on.

I figure if the teachers can't teach it in the 6 or 7 hours that they have them, then you can't expect me to do much with a tired child who's meds have run out in the evening.

I remember that back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and I was starting school, we didn't have homework until 2nd grade. And then it was a big deal! I think in 1st grade, we maybe had to do sight word flash cards, basic facts, and reading practice. As it should be, I guess.

I don't give a lot of homework because my students simply don't do it. Only if they were cutting up horribly during class and the classwork didn't get finished would it go home for homework.



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