Not alone!

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Not alone!
Wed, 03-03-2010 - 6:06pm

It is a relief for me to see that other teachers are going through the same thing I am - discouragement, disillusionment, and disrespect.

I'm discouraged because I was trained to be a good teacher, and yet every day I have to fight just to do the bare minimum of my job. My class management is shot because I travel to each classroom, and many of these rooms are totally messy and disorganized. My lessons are rushed and dull because my classes all use (different) scripted reading programs. My administrators joke about what a good sport I am, but I hate being less of a teacher than I should be.

I'm disillusioned because I wanted to be a creative, inspiring teacher, and I feel that I've become a tired, stressed out, irritable person in front of the room. I don't feel like I'm teaching - I'm just managing. I felt like I had a lot to offer to teenagers and soon-to-be college students, and now I'm killing myself just to get these kids to come to school and sit in their seats.

I feel disrespected by my district, by other teachers, and by my students. My district keeps piling on responsibilities and withdrawing support. Other teachers, when faced with growing class sized and pay cuts, have turned on newer teachers (me) and have voiced a desire to see us laid off. I used to have excellent classroom management and now it is exhausting to run the class. Instead of kids being inspired, they're cussing me out for asking them to open their books. This is ALL DAY.

Thank you for all your stories, and helping me feel like I'm not alone!

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Thu, 03-04-2010 - 4:35pm

Wow! Did you hit a point! In my state each district is being required to make 3.5% budget cuts due to big



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Thu, 03-04-2010 - 6:12pm

At least in my district, the big push among teachers is to keep the newer teachers. Unfortunately, these people are also looking out for themselves; newer teachers get paid less which allows the more experienced teachers to continue to enjoy the salary they have. However, I don't see such a favorable outcome for anyone this year, what with the grumblings I hear around the school.

I think the key in any situation is to keep in mind your end goal. Even among the disappointments and frustrations, there are always bright spots. If anything has held true for me during the last few weeks of my journey through the education and administration underworld, it's exactly that. I look for those bright spots and cling to them. In the end, those moments are the ones that truly matter the most and the ones that endure.

As far as the mindless, robotic administrators go, I think that what we're all seeing right now is a push that's only going to get stronger and worse as 2014 looms over us. As my husband is fond of saying, excrement rolls down hill. It just happens that the teachers and ultimately, the students, are the ones in the cross-hairs.

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