Our staff retreat yesterday....

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Our staff retreat yesterday....
Sat, 09-02-2006 - 12:03pm

Like many of you, my building has had a couple of real winner principals the past three years. I am starting year four in this building, and am on principal number 3. The first was ineffective, indecisive and mostly invisible. The second was a power-hungry, moody,

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Sat, 09-02-2006 - 11:28pm

How great! Your news will give GT hope! There are great administrators out there who have learned how to treat people, have empathy, and understand what it takes to build teamwork and teach kids effectively. I'm glad you found one after what you've been through with the others.

Keep us informed.




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Sun, 09-03-2006 - 9:51am

Ding Ding Ding! You've got a WINNER!

Our principal is starting her 5th or 6th year with us this year. She came in with an "I'm going to whip this faculty into shape" mentality, but gradually an atmosphere of trust and respect has evolved. This was her first principal assignment, so I guess there was a bit of a learning curve there.

Being appreciated goes a long, long way into building morale.

We were asked by our principal to come for an unpaid staff day before school started. I think that just about everyone showed up and there wasn't any moaning and groaning that I heard. We were served breakfast and lunch. There was chocolate and cookies available during the day. When we were done, most people went and worked in their classrooms.

Why is this such a hard thing for administrators to "get"? I had a transfer teacher ask me if we were always treated "this nice". (Ironic that she would ask this on a day that we were asked to work for free.) Well we don't have breakfast at every faculty meeting, but yes, we are valued. She said she wasn't used to that where she came from.

This coming Friday we are having an off-campus celebration (read: adult beverages will be served) to celebrate the successful start of school.

Last year I had emailed my principal to tell her "thanks" for her help in a meeting with a difficult parent. She emailed back that we were "worth it". Awwwww. Made me feel great, and it didn't cost a cent.

It's not rocket science. Treat people like the professionals they are and show some appreciation here and there.

I'm glad you've found a good one. It sounds like you guys certainly deserve it! Hope you have a great year!



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Sun, 09-03-2006 - 12:50pm


Yep, you got it baby!! Here's hoping that I do get to work for a REAL educator/administrator and not just an administrator...

Yes, I know their jobs are hard. But you will keep staff if you value them and the kids. It's hard to give your best when you are always being mistreated....

I read somewhere that you should always work like you love your job even when it's tough. Great words, but hard to live up to. People don't care how they work if you constantly belittle them.....

Here's hoping I either marry rich, hit the lottery or find a way to open and develop my own school. I really believe in my heart that I can do it right, if given the chance....

Oh well, I will be fine. Just go in my room, close the door and keep my business in my room......

Yeah for school!!