Pass the online test or don't bother applying!

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Pass the online test or don't bother applying!
Fri, 07-22-2011 - 3:00pm

Chicago Public Schools has an online survey to filter out applicants for teaching positions before a principal even sees the resume.

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Our district has a similar survey. Some of the questions sound

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Sat, 07-23-2011 - 11:51am

I won't comment on the CPS test because I haven't seen it.

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Sat, 07-30-2011 - 10:03pm
I just applied to a district and had to complete a "test" like this. It's called TeacherInsight and it's from Gallup. It asks you all sorts of stupid questions like "people say I'm a positive person." "Teaching is the most important profession in the world." and you're supposed to: agree, disagree, strongly agree, etc. I've never seen something like this before and think it's really stupid. Apparently a lot of districts use it and if you don't score high enough they won't interview you. Supposedly, teachers who answer the questions correctly, have higher achieving students. And BTW, you can't find out how you did. What a crock!