Plagiarism by staff?

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Plagiarism by staff?
Wed, 03-17-2010 - 3:54pm

We have a literacy consultant in my district. She works part time in our bldg and part time at the elem schools. She puts out a monthly newsletter via e-mail. Today I was reading it and something about it struck me as odd. It didn't seem like something she would write. I have spoken to her many times and the writing just didn't seem like her voice. So for the heck of it, I googled a few sentences and guess what? The whole thing is plagiarized! One sentence at least is verbatim. Most of the rest is just a few words switched around.

What would you do,knowing what I know, if anything?

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Thu, 03-18-2010 - 8:28pm

Well, the one time I had something similar I did some fishing with comments like, "I read your article and that sounds so much like the ideas of _____. I just think she's a great _______ and I've read a lot of her stuff. Are you familiar with her?You might want to look at some of her work."