Postcard Exchange?

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Postcard Exchange?
Tue, 07-27-2004 - 5:45pm
Has anyone done this before? This is my 3rd year and it's wonderful! Great learning experience, and EASY!

Our exchange is going well! Only 10 states are needed now! If you're still interested in joining a postcard exchange, and your state is listed, please email soon. I can only take one classroom/homeschool from each state (to prevent us from sending out too many cards - that happened the first year and I had over 100 cards to send out, and didn't get all 50 states involved).

We mail from Sept.15th-Dec.15th. Just ask your Chamber of Commerce to donate 50 postcards (most will) and have your kids write about your area (landmarks, cuisine, recreation, etc...). You should receive 50 postcards in return, during that same time period. The kids look forward to receiving them! I post mine on a large US map bulletin board as they come in.

The states still needed are: DE,HI,ME,MT,NV,OR,SD,VT,WY,DC

If you have any questions, just ask!