Posting for a friend-Is it too much??

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Posting for a friend-Is it too much??
Mon, 09-20-2004 - 7:28pm
Hello ladies:

A friend of mine on another board (WOC)has a son who just entered kindergarten and she wants to know if her son is being given too much homework. Here's her post:

From ivillage-sista aka "Real" from the WOC board:

Have I been out of the swing so long that I think they are pushing these little kids too hard??

OK, today was the 1st day of real homework since the Teacher tested the kids and grouped them into Below, On and Above Average. Isaac is on Average and I got his homework packet today

1st of all the Packet has 10 assignments in it - Do the math? Between M - T (because they can't do any homework on Friday because it is Due then) that is about 3 sheets per night. Now that is fine if they are simple but in their packet is the following:

spelling letters: CDEFG (that they had to put into alphabet order and write them in a straight line 4 times)

Write their name and tell us how many spelling letters are in their name and write the number

Make a line of the letters D & B over and over (about 10 patterns)

Get a newspaper or Magazine and spot each on of the spelling letters and glue them to the paper

Write down your spelling letter and Circle all the CONSONANTS in blue and Circle the vowels in RED (How many of each are there): PERSONAL NOTE: Isaac could give a FLYING FIG ABOUT a Vowel!!

Draw a picture of yourself

Read a book and write the authors name the title of the book and what the book was about

there are 100 blank squares on the page (like a number grid) and they have to fill in numbers 1 - 10

Find and glue pictures of magazines that begin with each of the spelling letters

Study and practice your spelling letter by writing them each 5 times

Ok, is it me...or do you all think this is a TAD much in 1 week for Kindies. Remember Isaac is just 4 1/2..but heck even Nya at 5 1/2 was struggle. As soon as I saw Isaac getting overly frustrated I just pulled the plug on the homework and popped in a video!!


I told her it was. I also told her that she and the parents should get together to discuss it with the teacher. What do you all think??


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Mon, 09-20-2004 - 11:02pm

If this is accurate, it sounds like a lot to me.




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Tue, 09-21-2004 - 4:06pm
ITA, Our state and district standards (CA) for Kindergarten is 10 minutes of homework/night. That sounds like a bit more. Now, private school all bets are off they tend to load the kids up a little more.

Good luck to your friend as she speaks to the teacher and principal.


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Tue, 09-21-2004 - 5:41pm
That does seem like quite a bit for Kindies. It's way more than I expect from my first graders and I have been criticized for giving too much by some people. (I give about 10 minutes a night, in line with National PTA recommendations.) Is this a full day or half day program? Are they trying to get too much in and not have enough time in school? Is it all expected to be done or is some of it for those who want extra or who don't finish work in class? I'd also be concerned because quite a bit of it sounds like the kids would need help with it and that sure is a lot of time in that short space between dinner and bedtime. What is the reasoning behind all the work at home? Is this a district policy or teacher's policy? Has the teacher taught this grade level in your school before? Is the policy the same? Have you heard from other parents who had this teacher? (Sorry for all the questions. I know you weren't the original poster, but I am curious, LOL.)

I would suggest calling the teacher and setting up a meeting. I would want to meet with the teacher myself instead of involving all the parents at this point. Perhaps there just needs to be a clarification of what is to be done. If the homework stands as it appears, I would probably involve the administration or other parents.