Prisoners fare better than students.

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Prisoners fare better than students.
Thu, 06-02-2011 - 4:09pm

While reading a professional digest, I just came upon this article about a superintendent in Michigan who wrote a letter to the editor meant for the governor, asking if his school could become a prison (tongue in cheek, of course) here is some of what he said:

"Consider the life of a Michigan prisoner. They get three square meals a day. Access to free health care. Internet. Cable television. Access to a library. A weight room. Computer lab. They can earn a degree. A roof over their heads. Clothing. Everything we just listed we DO NOT provide to our school children.

This is why I’m proposing to make my school a prison. The State of Michigan spends annually somewhere between $30,000 and $40,000 per prisoner, yet we are struggling to provide schools with $7,000 per student. I guess we need to treat our students like they are prisoners, with equal funding Please give my students three meals a day. Please give my children access to free health care. Please provide my school district Internet access and computers. Please put books in my library. Please give my students a weight room so we can be big and strong. We provide all of these things to prisoners because they have constitutional rights. What about the rights of youth, our future?!

Please provide for my students in my school district the same way we provide for a prisoner. It’s the least we can do to prepare our students for the giving our schools the resources necessary to keep our students OUT of prison.."

Pretty sad state of affairs, huh?

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Thu, 06-02-2011 - 4:45pm

Maybe I just have a cynical attitude about the higher-ups, but if the governor did provide more money to education in the state, would students see the money or would a good deal of it end up in administrator's salaries?

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Fri, 06-03-2011 - 1:45am

All I can write is that, this is a scary state of affairs.

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Sat, 06-04-2011 - 10:25pm

Same here! If they'd spend more on schools and enable us to teach and reach all kids more effectively