Question...(btw I HATE cupcakes. hehehe)

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Question...(btw I HATE cupcakes. hehehe)
Tue, 10-07-2008 - 8:14pm

Okay this seems petty next to the babysitting post, but I just hav eto ask...

I am a sub. Today I had 1st graders. A school I am very familiar with but a teacher who I really didn't know htat well. BTW, I know principal very well and she would back me up - but really I feel that I work for the teachers and want them to be happy. This teacher is great too, her class was run like a fine oiled machine. Everythign was detailed and organized. It was a pleasure to help her out. But then...

At 3pm we were to have a b-day party w/ a parent bringing cupcakes. So I had everything finished and was waiting (the kids were making posters). Mom is a no show. AT 3:25 she shows up. We dismiss at 3:35. If it was MY classroom I would have said it's too late for the punch but we can sing and send the cupcakes home w/ the kids (which I am SURE the parents would jsut love - NOT).

But, as a sub I felt obligated to have the party. So we did and boy did I rush it. lol Who knows what the parent thinks of me (who cares? lol, okay I do a bit) .

So, in GENERAL (being that I can't ask each teacher b/c they are sick or in meetings when I sub for them) can I tell parents you are LATE the kids will hav eot take them home?

I know it seems silly, but we had such a good day and it was so organized, and I love organized and I know - if I want my own class to go get one, but I am just asking. What would you think if a sub said no, you were late they'll have to take them home? What would you think as a mom bringing the snacks?

The result of her being late is the bus kids were late, the class was late getting out, it was much messier for the custodian (the kids tried to clean up) and I most importantly I was very very late picking up my own kids from their school (not to mention I didn't get paid for that extra time).

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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Tue, 10-07-2008 - 10:07pm

I have to say, I am not surprised at all by the mom behavior - kids learn their habits somewhere, don't they? At least she brought cupcakes, and not a sheet cake with no knife, plates, forks or napkins..... that happened more than once at my old school, before parties were banned. That is right, BANNED. If kids bring birthday treats, you sing happy birthday in the last minute of the day and send the treats home with the kids, like you thought about doing. Oh, and those have to be store-bought, not homemade, due to health code issues.

We don't even think about using INSTRUCTIONAL time for anything resembling a celebration of any sort anymore. If you can't tie it directly to a state standard (including assessment), forget it.....

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Tue, 10-07-2008 - 11:07pm

Some schools are banning individual



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Wed, 10-08-2008 - 11:28am

Thanks so much! I know it seems silly. I am highly organized htough and like to hav ea good handle on my day (okay, some would call it controlling) and although I am used to parties (doing dc almost 8 yrs you deal w/ it) I don't really enjoy them. Our food has to be store bought too and I really do think that is a good thing as I am not sure I'd want food from some of the homes the kids come from. AS for instructional time, it was supposed to be during self selected reading however w/ a heads up int he morning I was able to fit everything in which did take work, but I didn't want them to miss out on lessons either! While we were waiting on the mom to arrive we made poster to go w/ a lesson on fire safety we learned earlier in the day so they were doing something while theyw ere waiting, but certainly the party was a disruption and then to be late...ugh!

Perhaps next time (and I'm sure there will be I will be "mean". hehehe We'll see. BTW, I made SURE to take a job at the Jr. high that ends WAY Before the end of the normal day on Halloween. I dind't wnat to mess w/ costumes, parties, candy, and kids who can't participate blah blah blah....