Reliving my childhood....

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Reliving my childhood....
Wed, 06-04-2003 - 9:32pm
I'm taking a children's lit class now, and have started working on my book notes. I came across my Sesame Street books, and have gotten the itch to find more. Does anyone know if they are still published? I was a member of the book club, but my books are all copyrighted 1981, so you can see how long ago that was. I've tried researching it on the web, but can't find anything.

If anyone knows where I can find them, I'd much appreciate it!

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Wed, 06-04-2003 - 9:42pm
Oops! Sorry, Sherry! I didn't even realized I was logged in, let alone with my hat. I didn't even realize it was there.

(We need an edit-out-the-hat feature)

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Wed, 06-04-2003 - 10:41pm
No problem. I don't care who you are or what you're wearing as long as you're here! Things have been really slow on both of the ed board that I CL. I guess it's the time of year.

I wish I knew more about your books. Check with your school media specialist. There are several on-line services that can help you with what's in print and what's out. Could a used book store help?