repost: April Fool's Day ideas?

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repost: April Fool's Day ideas?
Wed, 03-26-2003 - 4:50pm
Sorry if this is redundant. I'm not certain HOW to get archived messages.

Does anyone have good ideas to trick class on April Fools?

OR...any ideas to trick family?

I LOVE pulling pranks!

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Mon, 03-31-2003 - 8:06am
The archives are at the top of the page to the left center, just above the ParentSoup logo. I know this is driving some people crazy. I sure hope we all get it soon! You might also click on outline view. I've discovered that you can't open a post from there by a regular click, but a right click opens a menu with an OPEN option. See if this helps you find things more easily.

Hang in there!




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Wed, 04-02-2003 - 6:44pm
I'm a little late, but you can use this next year!

We used this one on our nurse. Each of the third grade teachers were in on it. One at a time, about every five-ten minutes apart, we sent a student to the nurse with the same crazy ailment- "My elbow hurts." We just sent a note around saying "send your student now" and we picked our best fakers! I was second in line, and my boy said there were three kids in there with ice on their elbows! He couldn't stop laughing! She figured out out after the first few, but I think she let it go b/c the kids liked it so much. We let the secretaries know too so they would encourage her to "treat" the "patients". It was fun and harmless!

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Sat, 04-05-2003 - 5:47pm
I'm a little late, too, but here is my *favorite* prank. Take the label off of a can of refried beans and replace it with a label for dog food. Open it up and eat it cold. Right out of the can is best, so they can't actually see the beans. (It actually doesn't taste bad .)

Hope you can use it next year! Maybe you can serve "dog food" to your family for dinner some night! LOL!


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