School's out for 2 weeks....

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School's out for 2 weeks....
Fri, 12-16-2005 - 1:56pm

I am completely floored at the amount of gifts I received for Christmas!!! I have 160+ students, but this is in a rural area, very "country" (some miss school to go hunting!..many have 4-wheelers and/or horses).

AND this is middle school...not so much teacher-pleasers anymore, and each child has 7 teachers.

But, I have run out of thank you cards, and I had a bunch!

I received a few home-baked goodies: a sweet bread (a whole loaf), a mini-banana bread, white choc/macadamia nut cookies, brownies, candies, yogurt pretzels, probably some other stuff.

Jewelry: sterling silver/crystal stud earrings and sterling silver drop heart earrings.

2 candy dishes filled with candy, 3 mugs with candy, 3 ornaments, an ink pen, a crystal votive holder.

I can't even remember everything....I'm just shocked.

Hope everyone's enjoying their last few days.

Oh, and yesterday's lesson was such a success. We just finished a unit on graphs and our test was on Tuesday. Yesterday, I had the students read a children's Christmas book (I brought 10...and all of my students celebrate Christmas, so that worked out well) in a group of their choice (they LOVE doing that, but I hate doing it because they usually play around, and some people aren't chosen). After they read the book, they had to graph the happy/sad parts of the story. Oh, I started it off by putting up an Excel graph of Hansel and Gretel and "reading" the story (from and showing them the highs & lows. They did their own graph on poster size graph paper. Highs were positive numbers, lows were negative numbers. I received such great response from the students on this project...and the presentations were great, too (the audience was only great in one class and I rewarded THEM). They even talked about it in other classes. I had one group out of the entire day disappoint me with their graph (they just plotted the points without real meaning...they knew the whole story was positive--The Night Before Christmas--but they just put dots on the paper).


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Sat, 12-17-2005 - 11:46pm

It's always great to end on a high note! It sounds like you're really important to those kids. Like you said, they don't get gifts to impress. You must be worth the effort!

Have a great holiday and hope things are as great when you return.




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Mon, 12-19-2005 - 9:22am

We also have 2 weeks off, but our vacation starts NEXT week! I can't believe we're going right to the 23rd this year, but it will be very nice not having to go back on Jan 2nd.

Sounds like you had a great last week.

I teach high school, so the gifts are hit & miss - we also have many non-Christian students, so we don't expect many gifts this time of year.

Merry Christmas!