Single Gender Classes

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Single Gender Classes
Tue, 05-16-2006 - 11:19pm

My middle school is interested in piloting single gender classes. The research presented at the parents' meeting tonight was overwhelmingly in favor of such groupings. We had a displaced teacher from N.O. speak to us about her experiences with such classes and how positive it was - both with discipline and test scores.

The superintendent has given his blessing - if the parents approve it. For now, we're surveying the parents. We had only a small gathering of parents at the meeting tonight. All of them voted in favor. THe surveys go home with the kids tomorrow. I guess we're afraid that most parents will vote their kids' wishes - and most of our students are vehemently opposed.

Any experience with single gender classes?



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Wed, 05-17-2006 - 10:05pm

I haven't taught single-gender classes, but I had a couple of students in my last grad class that were involved with them. They seemed to have mixed results from what they said.