Student Teaching...

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Student Teaching...
Wed, 08-17-2005 - 3:44pm


I have posted a couple of times in the past and am a frequent lurker. I have been going to school part time for a couple years and am finally done with all my coursework, tests, paperwork, etc and am about to start student teaching. I am very excited and a bit nervous(ok, a lot nervous). I don't have a lot of details where I will be placed- I find out during orientation next week. I will be in 2 different classrooms for 8 wks each- one lower elementary and one upper. I would love any advice, tips, do's/don'ts you may have. I am sure you will be hearing more from me as I panic and freak out over the next 16 weeks, lol. Oh, a little bit about me- I live in Southern California. Married to Mark for 14 years, and have one dd(Rebecca-5) and one ds(Adam-9).

Thanks- Mary Ann

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Wed, 08-17-2005 - 3:54pm

Congratulations! Student teaching is a great experience. I can only think of a few things:

1) Dress professionally.

2) Don't be worried about the kids not liking you. You have to be strict (not mean) and fair. They will like you more if you are.

3) My co-op teacher said that lots of student teachers have trouble with time management. This wasn't a probablem for me - but I thought it was something to be aware of.

Have fun! Stephanie

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Thanks for posting this. I will start my student teaching in November and continue until graduating next May.

This will be a great reference! Good luck, and try not to get too stressed out. Please keep me informed of how it is so I know what to expect!

Best wishes,


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