Supervising prof: YIKES!!!!!!

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Supervising prof: YIKES!!!!!!
Tue, 08-18-2009 - 2:45pm

I just found out who my supervising prof is for student teaching, and I can't be more disappointed.

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Thu, 08-20-2009 - 8:10am

Hi Beth,

Follow the written procedures for lesson plans, submit them early to review with your cooperating teacher, revise as needed and submit final copies on time. Keep a journal of your classes, and your discussions with your cooperating teacher and supervising professor. Do not argue with either of them about suggestions they make, ask for help implementing them as needed.

Your cooperating teacher(s) are the ones that really count. They see you most frequently and their input is what really counts. I have had 4 student teachers. I fired two of them and had them removed before time was up. Harsh, maybe, but I would not want them as colleagues and I would not want them teaching my personal children. I also fought to get one of my student teachers hired as my colleague.

My team-mate took a student teacher who had failed one of his other student teaching placements. His supervising professor told him that it was his last chance, and told my teammate and I that he was going to be absolutely unforgiving toward this student teacher. The student teacher asked for our suggestions to make a better teacher, used all the suggestions, and rose above our wildest expectations. He became a term sub when my teammate had her baby, and we- not his supervising professor- were his references for the job he has for this fall.

Good luck!!

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Thu, 08-20-2009 - 7:20pm

I agree with everything that's been suggested. A student teacher is there to learn, not to teach the supervising teacher and/or cooperating teacher that