Talk to me first!

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Talk to me first!
Wed, 10-01-2008 - 8:08pm
Okay this has to be one of my pet-peeves.
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Wed, 10-01-2008 - 9:10pm

I know what you mean.

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Wed, 10-01-2008 - 9:19pm

Ugh! I completely understand what you mean. Just last week I had a parent who emailed me with a request for a meeting. She cc'd the principal. WHY? This just makes me a target in the principal's eyes. My boss then feels the need to check up on me with notes, "Please schedule this meeting ASAP!" when the meeting is already scheduled, etc. Informing my boss does not make it happen faster, it just makes my job harder!

Good luck to you!

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Wed, 10-01-2008 - 10:28pm
Oh, yes! Power trip, anyone can teach, my kid is soooo special parents! There is little you can do because we have created a society that thinks teachers are second class citizens and our job isn't respected.


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Thu, 10-02-2008 - 6:52pm

Grrrrr. so sorry. Perhaps they have had experiences in the past where it was pointless to talk to the teacher. I hope you can keep your cool and remind them that you really do care and invest a lot in "your" kids and to please talk to you first.

This isn't limited to schools. My dh deals w/ this all the time. He works for municipality and often people call or worse, come by our house to complain about their water bills, or what-have-you. LIke he brings his files home. Geesh people. When we moved we tried to get an unlisted # but it didn't work and so it continues. Did these people go to the dept downtown. Nope. Did they call downtown first. Nope. They go as far up the chain as they can.

Ughhhh......hang in there

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Sun, 10-05-2008 - 11:51am
Definitely would drive me crazy and I know what you mean about the admin not supporting you on that point.

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