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Wed, 09-13-2006 - 7:59am

I teach 4th grade. I have a student who talks all the time. Sometimes it's an actual conversation with another student. But, most of the time, it's just him saying whatever thought crosses his mind at the time. It would not be as big of a deal except he is EXTREMELY loud! I swear you can hear him in the hallway when the door is closed. Yesterday I wanted the duct tape SOOOO badly! LOL!

Most of his teachers in the past, as well as his mom, have decided that this can't be controlled and have overlooked it or just given warning after warning after warning. Next year, in 5th grade, he will be in a LOT of trouble for this behavior. And, I think he will end up hating 5th grade and/or school. Any ideas on how I can help this kid learn self control and stop SHOUTING out every thought that crosses through his mind before next year?


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This reminds me of the story, "Mr. Noisy" Mr. Noisy talked so loud that he made everyone uncomfortable.....

Then oneday someone decided to act like they could not hear him when he talked so loud....

It worked. And it worked on my students when I did it. First I must ask....

Is their a hearing impairment going on? If his hearing is fine, do not ignore it...

Do all that you can to help him lower his voice. Ask him to lower his voice, have the class ask him to lower his voice, teach him about voice levels....

For example, in my school, we have 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 5 is too loud, 3 and 4 are conversation level, 2 and 1 whisper voices and 0 is silence.....

Discuss it with his parents and see if they have any suggestions.....

Don't stop addressing the issue with him. Reward him when he does keep his voice down. Give him opportunity to be a leader in class but only if he can keep his voice down...

If kindness doesn't work, get tough. Remove him from your area every time he hollers out like that....

For example, I have a student who hums and sings everytime I read a story. I remove them everytime they interupt and they can not come back if they are not quiet and listen...

Sure I had to do this a few times before the message sunk in but it finally did and guess who doesn't hum and sing during my reading times anymore....

Whatever you try, be consistent and never let up. He may never change, but he can modify at least when he is with you and sometimes that's all we can ask...

Good luck!!


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Has this kid had a medical evaluation? I've read of some medical conditions that cause a student to talk out and exhibit other uncontrolled behaviors. I don't think it's Tourettes(?sp), but something similar.

If you think it's just habit, or medically nothing is found, then he has to learn some self-control. I'd try some behavior modification techniques and goal setting. Start small and let him help set the goals. This has to involve home also. I might try a time period, five minutes without a comment or no talking during the spelling test,



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OMG! I could have wrote this post! I had to tell my fourth-grade girl who talks constantly that I am not her friend, but her teacher, and we do not have conversations like friends do. She wants to share EVERYTHING with me, and it drives me nuts. I have about 6 kids who talk all the time. I had to make a poster this week that specifically said when they could talk and when it was appropriate to get out of their seat. They would get up while I was teaching in front of the class to tell me a joke or what they did last night. HELLO?????

I am starting a more intense behavior clipboard chart in October, and the fourth grades are going to reward the good citizens with afterschool pizza parties once a month. I hope this will help.


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