Teacher appreciation gifts?

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Teacher appreciation gifts?
Fri, 05-19-2006 - 9:44pm

Okay, time to be on a really happy note!

Anyone get any good teacher appreciation gifts?

From my school, we got small tokens like a piece of chocolate, a button, etc. But on last Friday, we got a t-shirt and they ordered Subway for us.

From my students, I received 4 flowers (a red rose, a magnolia, and 2 daisy mums), candy, a hand-made Shrinky Dinks button, a "God's Promises" daily inspirational notes box, a $10 Blockbuster gift card (which I forgot to use again today!), a $10 Chili's gift certificate, and a $10 gift certificate to a local Chinese restaurant that I was able to use for our luncheon today (I didn't plan to buy because I don't like much Chinese food, but was happy to be able to use it and bring the leftovers home to Mike so I didn't have to cook tonight..lol). It seems like I received one or two other things, but I don't remember right now. Oh, a homemade bread and a chocolate chunk scone.

Okay, it was NOTHING compared to student teaching last year..lol. BUT, I was at a much richer school then AND being a student teacher, the teachers pitched in and really riled up the kids to bring in things (I, of course, got much more than the "real" teachers did..lol).

I am very appreciative of these gifts that I did receive.

Oh, and I received a few notes because we had a "note" day.



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Sat, 05-20-2006 - 12:01am

Well after insulting us all year,my boss probably realized she had better step it up a bit so...

We got breakfast last Monday, Drinking mugs with our schools name on it last Tuesday, Pizza for lunch on last Wednesday, A T-shirt last Thursday and a steak dinner with an appreciation certificate last Friday...

I think she was trying to make up to us but I loved all my grub. My kids didn't give me anything, they are not allowed, THEY ARE TOO POOR *insert sarcasm here*..

So it was a good week after all. Yeah for us. But you know the best reward, SUMMER BREAK. One month and counting....


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Sat, 05-20-2006 - 4:35pm

We got a small candle, key chain, snickers candy bar, lunch brought in once and a bag with slots for pictures. There were no presents from the students. I doubt any of them even knew it was teacher appreciation week. It's a low socioeconomic school.


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Sun, 05-21-2006 - 12:18am

One day we had a fruit tray in the teacher's lounge. Another day it was a vegetable tray. I think we had cookies and sandwiches. Most of this was provided by just a couple of parents. On Friday, we had a seafood dinner by a local restuarant, but I took off that day and went to my kids' school for field day.

I don't usually get much from my students - that low SES thing - but this year I had one student bake a cake, another mom that brought some yummy concoction of yellow cake, lemon pudding, and whipped cream. One mom gave me and my assistant each 1/2 dozen roses (pink and yellow). And best of all, one of my students wrote me a page about why I am the best teacher in the world. He made it into a little booklet with consruction paper. I sent thank you notes, and the next day the mom who had brought the yellow cake concoction brought us lunch - spaghetti, with cheese and shrimp (I'm sure there's an official name), bread sticks, and salad.



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Sun, 05-21-2006 - 2:19pm
Our student council fed us lunch every day of "teacher appreciation week" - 6' long sub sandwiches in the staff lunchroom Mon., pizza - Tues, Chinese - Weds., Mexican - THurs., & continental breakfast - Fri. The new principal coming in next year provided a cheesecake Weds., & we were all given a card & desktop photo frame w/ LED clock. It was quite a nice week. Nothing from students - but I've had a couple over the yar that bring in little treats for me at the holidays.