As a teacher, how do I...

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As a teacher, how do I...
Thu, 10-30-2008 - 1:06pm
I'm a FTM & 3 month old DS has started daycare. I go back to school on Monday. While at home, my son had been eating every 3 hours and going back to sleep 1 or 2 hours after he last woke up (he would eat/play/sleep). I knew that he would have some trouble sleeping at daycare, having taught every age group from birth through 4th grade. He's sleeping very little at daycare. Daycare teacher sent a note home that DS was ready to eat every 2 or 2.5 hours. If he were at home, that would be about the time that he would be going back to sleep. He likes to nurse or take a paci to sleep, so it might appear that he is hungry. My question is, as a teacher-now parent, how do I talk with my son's teacher about trying to get him to sleep at that time without sounding like a parent who is difficult to work with?
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Thu, 10-30-2008 - 7:48pm

I think you just be a caring mom. You can explain that you know