Think I found a rubric to use for HW.

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Think I found a rubric to use for HW.
Sun, 07-31-2005 - 11:32pm

I've been puzzling how I'm actually gonna include the HW grades & now that we're a week in & I have to get started on my gradebook I think I found a method I may even be comfortable with - especially since most of my kids remain in the 40's & 50's w/about 5 - 70's for all three of my classes on their 1st weekly test.

I've been having the kids grade their own HW after class-start warm-ups so we can use the time as another shot at the lesson & walk thru each problem when there are a few different answers - these are Title 1's & they aren't getting a whole lot too quickly - but a bit here & there can't hurt... I'm the school of thought that HW is a practice that they need to be doing & they really shouldn't be graded on how well they do or don't do on practicing new concepts - tho we all know that if they know it's not "for a grade" it won't get done - so it has to be accounted for in the grades somehow. I also tend to just keep track of total # of problems & make that how many points the assignment's worth & keep track of how many they got right out of that & add it all up at the end, w/tests being at least 2 pts per question if not 4 so they are at least worth twice as much. Most are working very well in the class time given & doing a fairly decent job w/their homework, but there are always those that think they're getting away w/just jotting down the correct answer as we walk thru how to do the problem w/o even writing down the problem...There are some that I know are doing the actual work as I see it in class, but never see the calculations w/the HW. They turn in an answer sheet w/no work. But - I'm trying to train them that I want to see the work!!! Not only to curtail cheating, but to see what they really aren't understanding or where they're going off track. Anyway, I've checked them all over & recorded the total points possible & what they got right so I'd have something to work with when I do sort out exactly how I will enter them. Our 7th math dept has broken their grades down to 200 points a week each student can earn w/80 for HW, 50 for the weekly test, 30 for agenda/participation points, & 40 for classwork. Guess they worked it all out so they could assign a point value to the quarterly district assessment test that it has been determined should count for 20% of the quarter grade, so now it's worth 450 points.

I had found a problem solving rubric somewhere in one of my many hunts around the internet & gave some thought to how I could make it work w/the 20 points a day for the HW & run a point system somewhat similar to the other 7th grade teachers. It breaks it down into 5 categories (Organization, COmmunication, Strategy/Procedure, Accuracy, and Completeness) in which they can earn between 1 & 4 points. I'm thinking this may be just the ticket to get them to show their work rather than just write down the correct answer - cuz even if they have all the correct answers, if the aren't showing an explanation of how they got that answer &/or the strategy they used completely, neatly, and accurately the scores don't come out real well - which is probably a more fair grade in the long run anyway. One class down, now to hit last weeks asignments & see what I come up w/for an overall overview of a week of doing it this way to see if it may show an improvement once I point out to them how it impacts the "grade" even if they got the "right answers"...

What do you think ....?

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Mon, 08-01-2005 - 1:42pm

You might have found RubiStar at